With HIGH RETURNS comes HIGH RISK, fxbot247 accepts no liability for loss of investment.

Who We Are

We want to make the huge profits that forex traders earn available to you without the need to study for hours and learn how to use their systems.  There is no need to identify which markets are best and at what times to buy in. No decisions on whether or not you should wait or buy in now are necessary. All this is taken care of for you.

FXBOT247 has been put together as a low risk way of increasing your returns without having to make the often emotional buying and selling decisions.

Once we’ve coded your BOT and linked it to your accounts, you’ll watch the trades take place live. The multiple buy and sell orders are placed automatically for you in various currencies.

The AI takes over. Having tested and learnt the patterns of the forex markets, it identifies profits and gains to be made on your behalf 5 days a week when the Forex markets are open.


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