With HIGH RETURNS comes HIGH RISK, fxbot247 accepts no liability for loss of investment.

Fxbot247 Webinar

Every Monday

Understand the risks vs Returns, understand how the BOT's work and perform. Get to ask our founder any questions you like



Matthew Footner holds weekly live webinars to discuss the pros and cons in AI-based FOREX trading and to compare the risks versus rewards. He will explain each BOT, the features they provide and which may best suit your requirements. You will also see past and present performance along with the monthly statements for each.

The explanation takes about 20 minutes followed by a Q&A session.

Matthew started FOREX Trading after he became frustrated with the returns the banks offer to retail investors whilst taking up to three days to credit your transfers. During this transfer time, the banks’ Forex teams reap huge returns with your money and refuse to pass on these profits to you – their customers!

Having worked in the international finance market for a number of years across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Matthew is currently based in Tokyo.

To reserve your place, click on the link. If you prefer an individual chat, feel free to get in touch directly.

Case studies


Yesterday, my BOT returned $780 AUD. My son’s iPad broke. My daily wage, gross pre-tax is sub $200AUD. The BOT returned enough for 1) replacing my income for the day 2) buying my son a brand new IPad and 3) a nice takeaway dinner for the family. This really is changing lives, and reducing stress!!!! Love it!
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My Artificially Intelligent Bot is so much better than my Genuinely Unintelligent Bank Account.  😀.  @Fxbot247 where have you been all my life?
So in 25 days it made 9.9% but It lost $75 on that stop loss day, imagine it didn't then the growth could have been as much as 13.7 % in the first month
Thanks to these bots, my attitude to the weekend/Monday has changed.  Knowing there are no trades over the weekend, I feel like I look forward to monday now, and seeing the bot at work!!!
Very grateful. You may have changed my life forever if this keeps going on.
To think ive been investing in property that gave me ( in a good year ) 10% per annum in rental earnings ( excluding the equity ) if i divided the equity into the equation it might reach 20% if im lucky.


Every Monday Webinar