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Unveiling the world of Forex trading. The pros the cons, who are the winners and the losers.


BOTS, Traders or Signals? Which is best for you


James Paynter -
Expert View, on what drives the currency markets and where they’re heading.


Matthew Footner -
Founder of FXBOT247-Update on current BOTS and new trading BOTS over the next 6 months


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September 10th

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Presenter Profiles

James Paynter –

Dynamic Forex Solutions
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James comes from an academic and mechanical engineering background. It was in 1993 that James start his journey his journey with foreign exchange and technical analysis, and in 2005 he began forecasting markets as a profession. Ever since, James has provided on multiple financial markets – from foreign currencies, to stocks, precious metals, commodities and cryptocurrencies – to keep his clients keep one a step ahead of market moves

As a certified Elliottician, he is an expert on the Elliott Wave Principle (a study of the laws that govern human emotion in financial markets)which he uses together with price relationship, time cycles and momentum studies to generate multi-timeframe predictive models.

Today, James is recognized as a leading expert on financial markets and regularly writes articles for various trade and financial publications; he has also presented his views on the financial markets at multiple seminars and events over the years.

Webinar Information

Title: Global Financial Markets Update – WHAT moves markets, WHY they move like they do & WHERE e they are going? Description: Join Matthew Footner, Forex Bot Specialist on a webinar with James Paynter, financial market analyst at Dynamic Forex Solutions for a deep dive into WHAT moves markets, WHY they move like they do, and WHERE they are going. James will share with us more than 27 years of forex knowledge, explain why market move the way they do in these highly emotional and sentiment-charged times, as well as where we can expect to see some of the major markets (such as the Dollar, Euro, Gold and Bitcoin) to move in the coming months and years.

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Matthew Footner

Matthew started FXBOT247.com after he became frustrated with the returns the banks offer to retail investors whilst taking up to three days to credit your transfers. During this transfer time, the banks’ Forex teams reap huge returns with your money and refuse to pass on these profits to you – their customers!

Having worked in the international finance market for a number of years across Europe, the Middle East and Asia and is currently based in Tokyo. He set up his company to offer a lower stress way to take advantage of these gains without the need to learn the workings of the complicated world of the forex markets.